We will give you the skills and confidence to help you deal more effectively with the media.

Bridget-workOur tailored media training workshops will give your spokespeople the confidence to handle inquiries and interviews skillfully – and to get your key messages across. And our team of expert media trainers will help you understand how to use the media and improve and develop your communications strategy.

The training will include honing written communication skills, vital in the age of social media, and also for traditional media outlets. Mike and Maggie Ritchie are experienced journalists and are joined by presentation skills trainer, Bridget McCann (in attached photo).

Where broadcast and radio interview skills are required, we work with experienced broadcast journalists who can film and record you during the sessions. 

Workshops can be carried out in your offices or we can arrange a venue.


“Maggie Ritchie and Bridget McCann ran a half day training for Ramblers Scotland to help staff improve our media skills. It was an excellent training which gave us lots of new ideas and the confidence to write and sell our stories to the media. We were able to take what we’d learnt and apply it directly to a promotion we were running and were delighted that we managed to significantly increase our media profile, securing an approximate press value of £55,339 with an approximate circulation of 18,486,816 during the promotion.” 

– Jeannie Cranfield, Games Legacy Advisor, Ramblers Scotland.